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It must be a Virgo thing.

dinosaurspine on 31. May, 2011 — Lang: English

It must be a Virgo thing.
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    I have a boyfriend. He is 23, and a Virgo.

    We like to watch movies and lay in my bed. Sometimes it gets so late that he sleeps over.

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    My boyfriend works early,
    so sometimes I’m not even awake when he leaves.

    Sometimes I get nosebleeds
    and wake up with blood on my sheets so I am happy he left early.

    I also don’t mind waking up alone because sometimes it gets really hot in my room and it makes your hair gross...

    ...and your skin all sticky and you just want to stretch
    out as far as you can without having to worry about someone elses sticky skin against your own

    I’ve noticed that whenever my boyfriend stays over and leaves early while I’m still sleeping he forgets to take his socks. Sometimes it’s a pair,
    sometimes only one.

    Though I think it’s odd he manages to leave for work
    with one or no socks, I find it kind of comforting.

    Like the first time you
    leave behind your toothbrush...

    or buy your own pillow for their bed...

    I don't know
    if my boyfriend brushes his teeth when he leaves early for work after sleeping over.

    but sometimes he leaves his socks.

    It must be a Virgo thing.

    Virgo, socks, boyfriend, toothbrush, love
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