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Thin Man: Agra Adventure

bluesockmonkey on 29. May, 2011 — Lang: English

Thin Man: Agra Adventure
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  • peli 21.6.2011
    eh, well conceived and done.
  • markmahem 3.6.2011
    How do you make this stuff so awesome!
  • Toudou1620 3.6.2011
    What a great trip :D
  • wich 2.6.2011
    Great, That's really nice - so much colours :)
  • gregheffleydude1 1.6.2011
    Thumbs up!
  • Neinire 31.5.2011
  • Netrunner 30.5.2011
    Magnificent, fav.
  • Drachir 30.5.2011
    Hunting tigers can be ripping fun.
    Like three blind mice, see the hunters run.

    Hunting tigers out in "Indiah".
    Out in, out in, out in "Indiah". Yah!

    You all know how beastly tigers are
    Out in, out in, out in "Indiah".

    They bite, they scratch,
    They make an awful fuss.
    It's no use stroking them and saying "puss puss puss",
    Oh, hunting tigers out in "Indiah".
    Out in, out in, out in "Indiah". Yah!
  • terwallace 30.5.2011
    If there's one thing Nick knows, it's where to have a good time!
  • sulegnA 30.5.2011
    sigue siendo una buena serie de strips
  • roundhead 30.5.2011
    Sweet! A strip like this must take forever to make though.
  • SnakeYukin 30.5.2011
    To the bar!
  • bluesockmonkey 30.5.2011
    to all: thank you & namaste!
  • Brezhoneg 30.5.2011
  • Ambrosius77 30.5.2011
    Congalabonga BSM! :D
  • MadameCercle 30.5.2011
    Grandiose et Bollywood.
  • 35sheep 30.5.2011
    Gratz on bribed - Is that a holy cow in the background? :-)
  • This_guy 30.5.2011
  • cirkuz 30.5.2011
    super grats!
  • Maoriman 30.5.2011
    Love the Taj, great work Blue and gratz on bribed...

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