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Singin' some of our favorite songs

Flamingdeath on 28. May, 2011 — Lang: English

Singin' some of our favorite songs
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    Flaming: Crazy by Kidney Theives (Or it might've been Patsy Cline)
    Violet:Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie
    Silena:Judas by Lady GaGa
    Sam:The Harold Song by Ke$ha
    Annie:Firework by Katy Perry
    Devil Kitty:Hallie's Song by Eminem
    Tweeker:Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston
    Chibi Kitten:Raining Sunshine by Miranda Cosgrove
    Sleeping Cutie:Dream by The Beatles (i think)
    Jason/Johnny:The Man Behind the Mask by I don't know who
    Single Kity: Spider man theme song by......Spider Man,I guess
    Comando Kity:America the Beautiful (I think a majority of us know who wrote that)

    This strip is a reply to More Karaoke Fun



    I'm crazy for tryin'
    And crazy for cryin''
    And I'm crazy
    For lovin'' you.

    Blood on her skin
    Dripping with sin
    Do it again
    Living Dead Girl.

    I,wanna love you.But somethin' pullin' me away from you. Jesus,there's my virtue.And Judas is the demon I cling to.

    They say that true love hurts,well this could almost kill me.Young love murdered that is what this must be.I would give it all to not be sleepin' alone.

    'Cause baby your a firework! Come on show they whaaaaat you're worth.Mack 'em go Oh,oh,oh.As you shoot across the sky,sky,sky.

    Sometimes I think I'm crazy.I'm crazy oh so crazy! My insecurities could eat me alive! But when I see my baby,suddenly I'm not crazy.It all makes sense when I look into her eyes!

    You're way to beautiful girl! That's why it'll never work.You have me suicidal,suicidal when you say it's ooooover.

    As real as it can be!
    Belive in what you see!
    It's not just in your mind.
    It's raaaaaaainin' sunshine!

    Dream dream dream dreeeeam.

    He's the man behind the mask.
    And he's out of control.

    Spider Man,Spider Man
    Dos watever a spider can.

    Amarika te beutifull.

    Flaming, Death, Violet, Silena, Sam, Annie, Devil, Kitty, Tweeker, Chibi, Kitten, Sleeping, Cutie, Single, Kity, Comando, songs
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  • cackle 30.5.2011
  • terwallace 28.5.2011
    Haha! Nice! Oh, and Crazy was Patsy Cline, but covered by the Kidney Thieves too, so you're right on both counts!
  • 35sheep 28.5.2011
  • Netrunner 28.5.2011
  • firelordA2 28.5.2011
    Judas... <.< NOT TRUSTED!
  • Tproductions 28.5.2011
  • cirkuz 28.5.2011
    very well done
  • SnakeYukin 28.5.2011
  • calm 28.5.2011
    I had NO idea that you had so many great characters! My son is visiting this weekend, and he brought his cat, Stewie. I'll have to show this to him. I like the way you included all of their names in the description too. Faving! :-)
  • opeluna1 28.5.2011
    I thought it was the Newz, but it's as awsome as that...;)
  • bluesockmonkey 28.5.2011
    i'd vote for all of them on American Idol : D

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