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Tutorial - making boxes

35sheep on 19. May, 2011 — Lang: English

Tutorial - making boxes
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    "3d" boxes are coool, and very useful. They can be used for houses, birthday presents, companion cubes etc. The great thing is, that they are NOT hard to make, if you know how to use the masking tool!

    For this tutorial, you make the front surface black. Now place a blue rectangle and an overlapping red rectangle to mark the sides of the top surface. Make sure you get the corners precise. All three rectangle have to meet. Make a copy of the red rectangle - youll need it later!.
    Now click: blue, mask, red, mask and voila: a perfect parallellogram for the top surface!

    Make the side exactly the same way. This is where the the copy of the red rectangle from before comes in handy; the side has to be angled exactly the same as the top surface.

    Now make the same with black rectangles in stead (I've blurred this one 2), and add some shadows, highlight and a string!

    Check out the links in the "Descriptrion section" if you need more basic tutorials on how to use tha masking tool.

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