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Absidion the Runic Swordsman

Absidion on 18. May, 2011 — Lang: No text

Absidion the Runic Swordsman
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  • Fizzle 11.6.2011
  • Spunkn 20.5.2011
    So very cool!
  • Similau 18.5.2011
  • bluesockmonkey 18.5.2011
    cool design
  • Azzie13 18.5.2011
    a lot of blood!!
  • SnakeYukin 18.5.2011
  • Streetin 18.5.2011
    Great boy!
  • firelordA2 18.5.2011
    nice hand armor...
  • Drachir 18.5.2011
    This is my swordsong for all swordsmen
    drawn to meet each blow
    May mettle versus metal
    lay it down that no more blood shalt flow
    Mighty knight in shiny armour,
    brave and honour'd warrior,
    reverent at the court before the
    king, queen and the sorcerer,
    - gests the jester made, by far outdaring thee
    Face at last thy final battle,
    one true worthy challenger
    Break thy blade, kneel and unbonnet,
    surrender to the Peacemaker,
  • Ambrosius77 18.5.2011
    Excellent character+
  • Netrunner 18.5.2011
  • Absidion 18.5.2011
    Good morning! And good night.
  • 35sheep 18.5.2011
    Siiiilent night ...

    Well - it's morning i Europe now! G'morning all! :-)
  • calm 18.5.2011
    Yes, you are! I guess that it's a slow night! :-)
  • Absidion 18.5.2011
    idk, I'm just not that popular lol
  • calm 18.5.2011
    How come no one has commented on this? Everything about this looks amazing! :-)

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