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a pigs tale 2

farm on 11. May, 2011 — Lang: English

a pigs tale 2
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    And we practiced for 20 minutes, before recording this strip!

    This strip is a reply to a pigs tale 4, a pigs tale 5





    sorry, I forgot
    my line.

    pig, tale, farm, forgot
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  • gregheffleydude1 8.5.2012
    hahahaha funny
  • sprinkles101 27.6.2011
  • bartie2 22.6.2011
  • Brezhoneg 14.5.2011
    Fav ^^
  • Tproductions 13.5.2011
  • MerGenerator 11.5.2011
    haha, very nice :)
  • opeluna1 11.5.2011
    love that pig and the description! faved!
  • Drachir 11.5.2011
    Now deep in the heart of a lonely kid
    Who suffered so much for what he did,
    They gave this ploughboy his fortune and fame,
    Since that day he ain't been the same.

    See the man with the stage fright
    Just standin' up there to give it all his might.
    And he got caught in the spotlight,
    But when we get to the end
    He wants to start all over again.
  • 35sheep 11.5.2011
    I HATE when that happens!!! ;-)
  • Netrunner 11.5.2011
    Haha, excellent
  • Ambrosius77 11.5.2011
    I love that His(?) face is become more and more red by every frame :D

    edited by owner

  • cackle 11.5.2011
    ehehehehe YW!;))

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