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Basic grouping and saving - Tutorial

35sheep on 9. May, 2011 — Lang: English

Basic grouping and saving - Tutorial
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    Hey guys,
    I've been asked to make a basic tutorial on how to use the library. This is the result. Lots of text and almost no graphics. You shouldn't have asked, if you ask me ...

    Feedback is welcome - Let me know if anything is missing!

    This strip is a reply to Tutorial - Chicken, Stuck - 47, Theme Pack Contest, SG for DUMMIES Contest!



    You can only save GROUPS to your library, so you have to know how to group stuff:

    Choose some stuff from characters, items or shapes

    Arrange the stuff to your liking

    Select everything 'dragging' with the mouse or shift+click everything

    Now - with your stuff selected - you can group, and then save to your library for future use



    Some remarks:

    1) You can group and save masked objects. This is handy if you "build" your own characters from shapes. (And you can mask grouped objects, but that's a whole other story ...)

    2) You can NOT group groups!!! If you can't group your stuff, check that some of it isn't grouped already

    3) You can NOT group textboxes. This means that you cant SAVE textboxes either

    4) You can NOT group elements from your friends libraries

    5) You can NOT UN-group elements from your friends libraries either

    6) But you CAN ungroup elements from your own library. This comes in handy, if you made a character, and you want to change facial expression, move an arm, or anything like that.

    Is it just me, or is that sheep-guy really, really boring???

    35sheep, tutorial, grouping, saving, library
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  • Ambrosius77 11.5.2011
    Congratulations sheep!
  • 35sheep 11.5.2011
    @martin: As opeluna wrote: It sounds like you haven't any free slots in your library. If it isn't that, then I dont know.

    Does anyone know how many slots the library has, when you are a traveler?
  • martinman1 11.5.2011
    I asked them and they said it might be that I didn't upgrade my flash player(I did) or I have a new browser. I don't know what that means.
  • opeluna1 11.5.2011
    well, that's all I've got, my suggestion, place a question to the staff, at the bottom of the homepage....sorry!;S
  • martinman1 11.5.2011
    @opeluna1: I tried that and it still didn't work.
  • opeluna1 11.5.2011
    @martinman!, simple, you don't have enough space for them, have to delete something you don't need...
  • This_guy 11.5.2011
  • martinman1 11.5.2011
    I have major problem with this very subject. Every time I try to save a created item, or character, it shows up in my group of other creations than instantly disappears. Can anyone help?
  • Comicboy968 10.5.2011
    Awesome thx for telling me so now now i dont have to keep on doing stuff over and over and over again
  • benjamin895 10.5.2011
    gratz sheep:)
  • cackle 10.5.2011
    Congrats my wonderful friend>Best tutorial this is!
  • calm 10.5.2011
    Congrats! :-)
  • Flamingdeath 10.5.2011
    That covers it!
  • cirkuz 10.5.2011
  • RENAN9809 10.5.2011
    Gratz and very useful..
  • rukowski 10.5.2011
    Great tut 35sheep we need more of these
    @Ambrosius77 I agree hidden uses of this are a bonus ;)
  • opeluna1 10.5.2011
    bribed! woohoo!
  • bithex96 10.5.2011
    I think the same as the cow
  • MadameCercle 10.5.2011
    Voilà un travail utile !
    Merci 35sheep.
  • Pyrasthus 10.5.2011
    Very useful tutorial

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