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Basic grouping and saving - Tutorial

35sheep on 9. May, 2011 — Lang: English

Basic grouping and saving - Tutorial
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    Hey guys,
    I've been asked to make a basic tutorial on how to use the library. This is the result. Lots of text and almost no graphics. You shouldn't have asked, if you ask me ...

    Feedback is welcome - Let me know if anything is missing!

    This strip is a reply to Tutorial - Chicken, Stuck - 47, Theme Pack Contest, SG for DUMMIES Contest!



    You can only save GROUPS to your library, so you have to know how to group stuff:

    Choose some stuff from characters, items or shapes

    Arrange the stuff to your liking

    Select everything 'dragging' with the mouse or shift+click everything

    Now - with your stuff selected - you can group, and then save to your library for future use



    Some remarks:

    1) You can group and save masked objects. This is handy if you "build" your own characters from shapes. (And you can mask grouped objects, but that's a whole other story ...)

    2) You can NOT group groups!!! If you can't group your stuff, check that some of it isn't grouped already

    3) You can NOT group textboxes. This means that you cant SAVE textboxes either

    4) You can NOT group elements from your friends libraries

    5) You can NOT UN-group elements from your friends libraries either

    6) But you CAN ungroup elements from your own library. This comes in handy, if you made a character, and you want to change facial expression, move an arm, or anything like that.

    Is it just me, or is that sheep-guy really, really boring???

    35sheep, tutorial, grouping, saving, library
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  • blah55 3.6.2015
    wow. they should just make it so that you can save everything
  • mau 31.10.2013
    this was what I thought too, but it does not seem to be the case. Let's say that this morning I don't want to dwell into that :-)
  • OccamsRayzor 31.10.2013
    @mau - you are probably trying to save some elements along with something already grouped.
  • mau 31.10.2013
    I don't know why, but today I could not create a single group: I have to save separately two parts :-(
  • linya 14.8.2013
    faving this :)
  • montydada 27.7.2013
    I am having trouble saving a masked object. The SAVE and GROUP buttons are greyed out. Any Ideas anyone? Really stuck on this one.

    edited by owner

  • miyan 4.6.2013
    group group groupies...
  • nik_drumm 27.10.2012
    Can't wait to try this out.
  • Vicent124 25.8.2012
    cool! :D
  • MadameCercle 28.7.2012
    * * *
  • EdWilder 18.3.2012
    These are such cool and subtle tools...thanks for re-sharing!
  • Patrickfan9 22.1.2012
    Great tutorial!
  • wishing 2.11.2011
    these are good tutorials
  • asfaltocaldo 24.10.2011
    very useful! I've found out I just knew but the iceberg peak of the stuff...
  • NathanTo 20.9.2011
    Awesome tutorial.
  • gregheffleydude1 15.9.2011
    Awesome tutorial! And it's just the cow, sheep. You are not boring.
  • begbie 18.8.2011
    My group icon is not active when i select items to group them! Help??

    edited by owner

  • Tproductions 13.5.2011
    great! :D
  • Ynnad 11.5.2011
    Good tutorial, I think this will really help anyone who isn't sure, well done!
  • Drachir 11.5.2011
    Feeling grouping

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