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Gota on 3. May, 2011 — Lang: English

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    So, it is almost the end of the semester, and thursday is the end of our humanities 212 class. It was really fun using stripgenerator's limited tools to draw and to be able to witness all those great strips made by the SG community, I'm sure everyone in the class enjoyed SG as much as I did.

    Congratz to everyone in the class! I hope this photograph will remind us of all the fun we had on stripgenerator this semester! :D

    And hey everyone in SG!
    "DTCC HUM212-102 Spring Semester class of 2011 was here!"


    Tagged everyone in our class :)

    Shout out to Zoltar for being our center of discussion in class when talking about SG, and of course, for taking our photo ;)

    This strip is a reply to Who is Zoltar?



    Class of 2011!!

    Now our special guest Zoltar is giong to take a class photo for us. =)


    ..Cheese!!!.. burger, hehe cheese pizza, hehe cheese fries, hehehehe

    Hurry up Zoltar!

    Alright, alright!
    Quit Yapping.

    Geez, Zoltar's hands got in the way.

    Well, at least there aren't any drool on the picture.

    Hahahaha, thats true!
    Congratulations everyone! And thanks Zoltar!

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  • richard_burkhart 27.2.2019
    Like this
  • Ynad 15.3.2016
  • stihl 3.1.2016
    haha :D xd
  • paco_de_pinda 8.12.2013
    Nice photo (+the Betty Boop :P)
    It's cool that that many of your class are on SG.
  • gregheffleydude1 19.1.2012
    Cool photo.
  • dustutuft 12.10.2011
  • dickster 23.8.2011
    really great effect! :)
  • flyinggloves 17.8.2011
    nice photo ! like it
  • GCrego 3.8.2011
    I loved being in this of my favorites!
  • Jebelle 2.8.2011
    hahahaha!xD nice drooling zoltar ^^ this strip is really cool. another fave!:D 3 in a row
  • dibunt 18.7.2011
    Haha, Zoltar! Nice photograph :D
  • mau 30.5.2011
  • Gota 30.5.2011
    That would be cryanhart2011 aka chris in class.
  • mau 30.5.2011
    Betty Boop is quite fantastic. But who is my sad (and with a plumpier face) twin?
  • duphb 23.5.2011
  • Gota 6.5.2011
    Thanks calm, yeah, Betty Boop took me around an hour or so, and it was theelynn's avatar.

    If you look over the comments so far, you could also pick out which of them are of the classmates in the class as well. Like George right under this comment with the fish flying xD Hes of course the fish flying out of the fish bowl in front :)

    I'm glad my work was inspirational to a lot of you guys, and I hope to see you guys around! Much thanks!
  • GCrego 6.5.2011
    This is fantastic! I will be on here still. I had an amazing class with all of you and I will miss all of you greatly. Thanks for your amazing strips and inspiration to improve mine. Thank you too Zoltar! Good luck to all of you and much love :) - George
  • calm 6.5.2011
    Gota, I've really enjoyed your strips and I'm glad that you will continue to post on SG. :-)
    BTW, Betty Boop is terrific!
  • Gota 6.5.2011
    Thanks and congratz once again everyone! Today was officially the last class meeting for our HUM212 class. I wish everyone good luck in their future and thanks everyone for your comments, help, and support throughout this semester, it was really really fun to work with everyone. I'll still probably be on here drawing, tho not as often, so you guys could still come on to enjoy some more work once in a while. So if anyone want to keep in touch, send me a msg here or e-mail would be fine too.

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  • Streetin 6.5.2011
    hahahh Awesome!

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