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Young attention!

Ynnad on 1. May, 2011 — Lang: English

Young attention!
  • Description

    A prequal to Unwanted attention I will be making. I will go back to my other series of comics, but I was getting a little bit bored of making them!

    This series will show you what it was like for Mr Creep as he grew up. I think the woman fits the perfect image for his mother!

    This strip is a reply to FEATURED ARTIST !, Pigtails 2, Eye, Pigtail 3, Young attention 2





    A tumbleweed blows in the breeze...

    Timothy, go and find your brother and tell him to come home!

    Yes Mother.

    Don't just stand there, your dinner won't stay warm!!!

    Somewhere in a wooded area...

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  • Ynnad 15.5.2011
    Hahaha, thanks, I'll take that as a compliment as that's what I'm going for!
  • OccamsRayzor 13.5.2011
    Damn! This is creepy
  • Ynnad 2.5.2011
    Thank you and no the hair is actually very easy to make.
  • Ynnad 2.5.2011
    Thank you, I made the old woman a month or two ago but couldn't find a use for her until now.
  • Ambrosius77 2.5.2011
    I love the characters!
  • calm 2.5.2011
    LOL--I didn't mean to sound pushy! :-)
  • cackle 1.5.2011
    seems fantastic
  • Kio 1.5.2011
    Great start of a great series! Can't wait :)!
  • Ynnad 1.5.2011
    Thank you, and yes Calm I will make sure I continue it as I know it must annoy alot of you if I never finish anything. I only know that because it annoys me that I don't finish things. But like I said in the description, I get bored with some of my series but go back to them later.

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  • Streetin 1.5.2011
    This is epic! Great hair!!!!
  • 35sheep 1.5.2011
    Awsome start!!!
  • Zoltar 1.5.2011
    YES!! YES YES YES!!!! YESSSS !!!!!1 Fantastic !!!
  • calm 1.5.2011
    I'm so excited about this! Now...get on with it!:-)
  • Tproductions 1.5.2011
  • Ynnad 1.5.2011
  • Tproductions 1.5.2011
    I Love the Graphics ;)
    Faved now ;))
  • RENAN9809 1.5.2011
    You're welcome
  • Ynnad 1.5.2011
    Thank you!
  • RENAN9809 1.5.2011

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