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Calm's New Pet

calm on 28. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

Calm's New Pet
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  • Drachir 5.5.2011
    Did it came out an Easter egg?
  • ryoko 1.5.2011
    He is adorable!
  • Streetin 1.5.2011
    Will we get to watch him grow? :D

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  • calm 28.4.2011
    My new pet is loving all of the attention he's getting! Thanks! :-)
  • ourWorld_Online 28.4.2011
    The infant is already bigger than you. Imagine it in its adulthood stages.
  • cackle 28.4.2011
    This is a crazy surprise wonderful drawing calm this is very sweet,very little very harmless pet sure after eating cupcake will be more sweet by the way stay in the cage dragon till my comment finish!hehehe;))
  • Tproductions 28.4.2011
    Do he likes donuts 2? Then can i give it ;)
  • Maoriman 28.4.2011
    He is not gonna be satisfied with one paltry chocky cake...
  • benjamin895 28.4.2011
    nothing cheers people up more than a yummy chocolate cupcake;)
  • Ynnad 28.4.2011
    Very well done on making this Calm, it's perfect as it is, it don't need no arms or legs. I think it could do some damage without them!
  • MZZA 28.4.2011
    ah crap, I'm being un-original again...
    Screw you Zoltar :O :P
  • MZZA 28.4.2011
  • Netrunner 28.4.2011
    Very cool dragon
  • Neinire 28.4.2011
    yourt pet is sweet, cute!:)
  • cirkuz 28.4.2011
    it looks like he's had one to many cupcakes!
  • 35sheep 28.4.2011
    What neo said: On a princess diet he'll grow arms and legs and maybe wings!
  • calm 28.4.2011
    Yeah, he needs something. After working on him for a while, I couldn't resist showing off my hard work. Maybe I'll have to put him in my library and have others shape him up. I'd probably get him back and not recognize him. Haha! ~:-)
  • SnakeYukin 28.4.2011
    Not sure he'll want that.
  • opeluna1 28.4.2011
    I think he needs some wings....=)
  • calm 28.4.2011
    He may have to be a sea dragon...I can't figure out how to make his arms & legs...I guess I need to get him some water, huh? :-)

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