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calm on 28. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

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  • bluesockmonkey 4.7.2011
    i never was any good at these--do a crossword instead!
    ; P
  • Drachir 5.5.2011
    I remember standing there so petrified
    my hand frozen to the phone
    as a stranger's words that caught in my ears
    and chilled me to the bone
    some dark tragedy had come right home to me
    they'd kidnapped my woman and her life was in their hands

    She was a hostage, a hostage
    her life was at the mercy of their hands
    She was a hostage, a hostage
    her life depending on their gold demands
  • cackle 28.4.2011
    i am still calling 911 but never answer,it doesnt matter cuz instead of 911,Einstein is comiiing!;))
  • Tproductions 28.4.2011
  • Zoltar 28.4.2011
    @ Calm aaww let me have fun!! :P
  • benjamin895 28.4.2011
    why are you making me think??? grrr :P
  • miskec 28.4.2011
    before lunch i saw wolf look little red up call 911
  • Netrunner 28.4.2011
    I understand this one, a little :)
  • 35sheep 28.4.2011
  • 35sheep 28.4.2011
    Hieroglyphs - I looove hieroglyphs!!!
  • cirkuz 28.4.2011
    where you find this king tut's tomb?
  • ourWorld_Online 28.4.2011
    Before eating I saw the Big Bad Wolf locking Little Red Riding Hood up. Call 911.
  • calm 28.4.2011
    Goodness Z, haven't you ever read a rebus before? :-)
  • Zoltar 28.4.2011
    Before eating I saw wolf looking red hood off phone 911!!
  • SnakeYukin 28.4.2011
    SOrry... but our phones are down... try again at a future date.
  • opeluna1 28.4.2011
    what the heck? before what? eat what? wolfie what? offee what?
    you're damn good, girl! jajajaj =)
  • Pen_alias 28.4.2011
    I called the police. They said to take it up with the wood cutter.

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