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When I'm in charge 1-Medical Stuff.

Flamingdeath on 27. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

When I'm in charge 1-Medical Stuff.
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    Mini-series.Did i make the SPWI up? I made the organization up, but all the members are real.



    When I'm in charge,a bunch of things are going to change. One of them is childrens medication.

    Kids just don't like the flavor,and some of them are against the use of pills.So here's how I'll sovle this problem.




    Blue rasberry

    Sour apple

    Pills in jelly bean form,in 5 popular flavors.

    And all liquids will taste like fruit punch.

    Mmmmm...... now I want some fruit punch.


    Apple pie




    These are the flavors for adults,and the liquid for them tastes like an energy drink.

    And since most children will scream their hearts as soon the the needle goes in,top scientists will create a cure-for-all tat you only need to take once a year.

    But the child will have to have a muzzel on to keep them from screaming that loud.

    In the surgery department,1/4 of the tax money will be split up and donated to 3 causes:The Humane Society,the SPWI(Sick People Without Insurance),and cancer research.

    And if they need more money I'll steal from the 13th riches person in the world.The top 12 all have better defenses on their sacks of cash.

    And that's all I can say without my plans being completly stolen.

    If you have any ideas for improved stuff,coment it on tis strip or send my a message.If you have anything you want to add to my changes,strip reply.

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  • MeeT_ch 3.5.2011
    very good
  • terwallace 28.4.2011
    I'm with you on the flavor changing, but I think NyQuil should still keep the original "Green Death" Flavor. Just for variety.
  • 35sheep 28.4.2011
    I don't see the Gin-and-Tonic flavour in the adult section?
  • cirkuz 28.4.2011
    black you dont make that dark blue you buy it...
  • BLACKD98L 28.4.2011
    HOW DO YOU MAKE DARK BLEU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • opeluna1 27.4.2011
    my whole support, don't mind how crazy it sounds.... let me think about it, you'll hear from me.....;)
  • Streetin 27.4.2011
    So this is your utopia? :D
  • calm 27.4.2011
    Muzzle the poor screaming children...LOL :-)
  • Zoltar 27.4.2011
    I strip reply with it !
  • Azzie13 27.4.2011
    I like your idea to destroy cancer it is so bad that we can't do (yet) anything
  • Netrunner 27.4.2011
    If pills lokks like candies, maybe some kids try to eat them without being ill. And they'll be after that.
    But other ideas are nice :)
  • SnakeYukin 27.4.2011
    So much word to do.
  • unknowen 27.4.2011
    that is very true

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