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Abe Control

icarlii101 on 26. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

Abe Control
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    A cartoon made for French class depicting Katalina (once again). This time she's reading up about the riot in 1910 in Ivory Coast.



    Côte d'Ivoire

    Côte d'Ivoire has been a part of many slavery trades throughout history, the most famous being the rebel in 1910.

    In 1910, the Abe people in southern Côte d'Ivoire, rebelled against the French.

    The rule the Abe were put under was unfair, they claimed.

    After a hard fight thast took many years, the Abe earned their rights with the passing of the no slavery law throughout the world.

    Stop government control

    Stop government control

    Stop government control

    Stop government control


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