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Green Tutorial

JRMarklin on 23. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

Green Tutorial
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  • Drachir 24.4.2011
    Simple as eh.....
  • cirkuz 24.4.2011
    good for those that are just starting out here
  • cackle 24.4.2011
    tutorials're so good
  • JRMarklin 24.4.2011
    If you do not see the green, see an ophthalmologist
    Si no ves el verde, consulta al oftalmólogo
  • wich 23.4.2011
    Not so green, but it's better than buy Green color :)
  • Netrunner 23.4.2011
    I would like to have know this before buying the green in theme pack :)
  • opeluna1 23.4.2011
  • SnakeYukin 23.4.2011
    Also works if you use brown instead of black.... but not as good as the one you get in the theme pack.

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