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The I.T Helpdesk

OccamsRayzor on 22. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

The I.T Helpdesk
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    Yes, I hear you and I fully understand what you are saying, but what you have to understand is that what you are telling me is not actually possible. You cannot work on a document, save that document and then it mysteriously reverts to a version from several weeks ago. What I see is that you have no less than six versions of the same file, in the same folder, with almost identical names. I suggest that what you actually did was accidentally open an incorrect version, save it, only to delete later, because you thought you had been working on another version. Does that seem remotely possible?
    So why do you have so many copies of the same file? Everything I see points to human error.

    Well, I wanted to avoid losing work like I did last time, because saving it keeps crashing my computer, so I've been saving copies.

    How does saving a copy differ from simply saving? Do you think the problem last time could have also been what I’m suggesting now – which, in fact, is also what I suggested last time?

    I'm doing it so I don't lose any work!

    ...and how's that working out for you?

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