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Storm is comming

opeluna1 on 20. Apr, 2011 — Lang: No text

Storm is comming
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  • greta_grot 14.7.2011
  • Fizzle 13.7.2011
  • gregheffleydude1 10.6.2011
    Good and bad.
  • Cornel 21.5.2011
  • RENAN9809 28.4.2011
  • benjamin895 25.4.2011
    great picture... awesome work on the sky:)
  • opeluna1 25.4.2011
    @calm, I know! I wish I could!
  • calm 25.4.2011
    From Colombia! :-) Send some rain our way!
  • Drachir 21.4.2011
    While lowering clouds accumalate
    Midges dancing above the lake
    The haymakers, they go away
    hiding for a storm
    A flash of lightening struck

    Storm and thunder
    Beat the nature
    Down gushes the rain
    and wind cracks the trees
  • Netrunner 21.4.2011
  • opeluna1 21.4.2011
    @neinire, thanks, what a compliment! @calm, I'm in Colombia, there's been even some floods in some regions and it's still raining...
  • cackle 21.4.2011
    Opeluna Thanks for sharing amazingly wonderful view! Have a Nice Day!:)
  • SrFloppy 21.4.2011
    Great! Now It is raining in my city and and it´s not so beautiful
  • Neinire 21.4.2011
    fantastic sky, as some classic painters!:)
  • Ambrosius77 21.4.2011
    Very good!
  • calm 21.4.2011
    Where are you?
  • opeluna1 21.4.2011
    @calm, if I could send u some, I'd be glad, here is pouring rain all over the country!
  • calm 21.4.2011
    Very pretty! :-) Gosh, I wish we'd see in my neck of the woods. Texas is needing rain!
  • ryoko 21.4.2011
    Great sky! I love storms...
  • cirkuz 21.4.2011
    nice scene

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