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Varg on 15. Apr, 2011 — Lang: No text

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  • calm 17.4.2011
    You never cease to amaze me! I just read your explanation to make it sound so easy, but as we all know, it's all but easy. You inspire and challenge us all! :-)
  • benjamin895 17.4.2011
    the sand is incredible great work:)
    gratz on bribed!
  • Brezhoneg 16.4.2011
    Nice !
  • Spunkn 16.4.2011
    Congrats on bribed!
  • Gota 16.4.2011
  • 35sheep 16.4.2011
    Grats varg - great strip!
  • JRMarklin 16.4.2011
    Seeing this scene, gives me very thirsty
    Al ver esta escena, me dá mucha sed
  • Similau 16.4.2011
    As I expected, this strip is Bribed! Gratz!
  • Supermassive 16.4.2011
    lovely stuff, gratz on bribed!
  • Streetin 16.4.2011
  • bartie2 16.4.2011
    fsdasdasdasdasd super awesome
  • firelordA2 16.4.2011
    @mez: o hey,you like it too?
  • firelordA2 16.4.2011
    my favorite landscape
  • Spunkn 16.4.2011
    Very nice!
  • 35sheep 16.4.2011
    I really like this one. Nice description too!
  • Similau 15.4.2011
    Thanx and this strip will surely get on Bribed!
  • Varg 15.4.2011
    Thanks everyone!!

    Similau: Well first I masked the same stretched grafitti-shape with yellow and red, put the yellow one on top of the red one and made the yellow slightly opaque... then I copied that shape and made another, slightly more yellow, one... these two shapes I then grouped and used to make dunes... As a final touch on the sand I masked a stretched thorn shape in yellow and blurred it then used a few of those to create a dusty, windy, less sharp look... As for the sky I used my usual color blending technique... I got this specific blue by combining cyan and dark blue...
  • Similau 15.4.2011
    AWESOME! How did you make that?
  • Ninjo 15.4.2011
    Wonderful !!
  • Gota 15.4.2011
    May I request a cactus? :D

    Love the shading btw, very very realistic, fav'd

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