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Meanwhile: Elementary, My Dear Wolfie

Spunkn on 14. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

Meanwhile: Elementary, My Dear Wolfie
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    It's been a while, but they're back! And since I have no idea what is going on in SSGG, I decided to play with Snake Yukin's stuff! Fun times! Meanwhile gang is in the library if you want to do a strip with them.

    This strip is a reply to Meanwhile: A Chthulian In America, Books in the Closet



    HAHAHAHA! My friends! I have just purchased the official Snake Yukin Detective Kit! I know you are infinitely jealous now!

    Let me see! I need to try it, I need it to be cool!


    I must be the first one to be cool!

    HAHAHAHA! Now I shall use my powers of deduction to deduce that I am the coolest one here!


    OH MY GOD! It's Snake! I love you! Did you get the Panties I left in your closet? I broke in when you weren't...

    WAIT A MINUTE! You're not Snake!

    GIMME! Gimme gimme gimme!

    I am the real Snake Yukin, and I detect that you would like it... Wait for it.... DOGGY STYLE!

    Okay, how about just a pair of your panties?


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  • stihl 1.12.2019
    this are epic scenes
  • QuickRedFox 31.3.2012
    I rly like you dark tone style..
  • greta_grot 3.3.2012
    ooooooo, the cheek of it!
  • Drachir 17.5.2011
    What's the name of the game that we are playing
    Boy whenever I think that we are winning
    Then you roll the dice take a slide
    Right back to the one from 99

    Is it gonna go on like this forever
    Are we gonna to take that last step together
    Going round and round and up and down
    Feels just like SNAKEs and ladders

    edited by owner

  • Ambrosius77 17.5.2011
    Compromises, compromises
  • scorpion6782 15.5.2011
    They were all out of snakeyukin kits when i got there. Dang.
  • Flamingdeath 20.4.2011
    welcome bak!
  • MadameCercle 20.4.2011
    * * *
  • terwallace 18.4.2011
    Welcome back! I was starting to wonder where you ran off to! Also, That can't be the real Noonie. There are far worse places she would have put that cig!
  • 35sheep 15.4.2011
    Did she just shove the lit cig up his nose?

    Love it - great to have u back!
  • Spunkn 15.4.2011
    I was in this crazy place where I worked 16 hour days, 6 days a week. My day off every week was spent cleaning and doing laundry. Glamorous, I know, I'll bet you're super jealous!
  • Similau 14.4.2011
    Welcome back! Where were you?
  • calm 14.4.2011
    Funny stuff! You've included so much detail! I love the characters and your strip frame design is so appealing! Don't make us wait long for another one from ya! :-)
  • cirkuz 14.4.2011
    far out strip! welcome back old friend...
  • JRMarklin 14.4.2011
    The first detective rule is to go unnoticed
    La primera regla del detective es pasar desapercibido
  • cackle 14.4.2011
    very fantastic crazy cool and scary funny;))
  • Brezhoneg 14.4.2011
  • rukowski 14.4.2011
    Top stuff this must bribe ;)
  • Pen_alias 14.4.2011
    I wonder if the SPCA protects anthropomorphic wolves.
  • opeluna1 14.4.2011
    love the wolfie too..

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