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Misplaced Nuts

teeda92 on 14. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

Misplaced Nuts
  • Description

    He was playing with his nuts when he lost them. Now it pains him to not have them.

    This strip is a reply to Irony?



    I seem to have misplaced my nuts.

    misplace, misplaced, nut, nuts, teeda, teeda92
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  • stickfigure206 7.5.2011
    Funny joke and cute squirrel!
  • 35sheep 14.4.2011
    Missing your nuts MUST be a pain ...
  • cirkuz 14.4.2011
    oh if there were only some clue to their where abouts!
  • calm 14.4.2011
    What a sweet little squirrel! His nuts should be easy enough to find since he hasn't hidden them yet. :-)
  • This_guy 14.4.2011
    Reminds me of blue's clues. lol :P. Thumbs up btw.

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