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a good marrige?

Azzie13 on 9. Apr, 2011 — Lang: No text

a good marrige?
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  • Veronique 19.4.2011
    I wonder if Zoltar is a good husband.
  • Drachir 11.4.2011
    I should have told you
    all I wanted was to have some fun
    but you wanted me
    to be the permanent one
    yes you did
    Now when we're in the movies
    or the back of a car
    you always stop me
    when I go too far
    I should have known
    you'd always keep me waiting
    for those wedding bells
    those wedding bells
  • KMoore 11.4.2011
    It's about time Zoltar occupied his time more.
  • opeluna1 10.4.2011
    but he doesn't look too happy....
  • cackle 9.4.2011
    hımmm poor girl hehehe;))
  • Gota 9.4.2011
    So thats what Zoltar mean by "work" and of his disappearance these past few days huh?

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