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Varg on 8. Apr, 2011 — Lang: No text

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  • gregheffleydude1 4.3.2012
    Very beautiful. Faved.
  • NathanTo 11.8.2011
    Could it be a fairytale setting?
  • roundhead 11.4.2011
    I need to comission you to do background scenes for my comics lol! Well done.
  • Drachir 10.4.2011
    But in the peace of a valley
    A young child was born
    Filling the night with his crying
    And an old man gave thanks to the lord of the ages
    Who's battle is not with innocence
    But the birds of the air were silent
    Knowing that time had come when time was forgotten
    The waters were stilled
    The mountains stood empty
    And the cities were deaf
    Long, long ago
  • benjamin895 9.4.2011
    so peaceful and serene:)
  • 35sheep 9.4.2011
    Wonderful - looks like a place in a fairy tale!
  • Tproductions 9.4.2011
  • Flash 9.4.2011
  • Ynnad 9.4.2011
    I'd love to live near a place like this, thumb's up!
  • cirkuz 9.4.2011
    i feel happy when i saw this
  • calm 9.4.2011
    so magical! :-)
  • Babelincoln 9.4.2011
    very pretty!
  • SnakeYukin 8.4.2011
    Wonderful little valley... if only I could live there.
  • Kio 8.4.2011
    Indeed @Veronique!
  • Veronique 8.4.2011
    beautiful as always¡

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