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Streetin on 8. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

SSGG S2: SNN-Strip News Network
  • This strip is a reply to The 6th SG GOD has born



    Now with our guest, Ambrosius, the favored candidate for kinghood is here to speak on the newest possible war.



    It is my dearest pleasure to converse with you here today.


    Thankyou very much for coming sir. The pleasure is ours.


    As most of you know. Tensions with Inboxarr have strained to what seems to be the breaking point. They have succeded from SG, likley making way for another war

    Ambrosius, what do you think finally brought us to this point?



    Well, it's rather much peculiar. Tentacillian relations have been at it's high recently, making the timing of this extremley odd.

    The current leader of Inboxarr is most likley trying to violently take control of SG, probably "payback" for 10,000 years ago.

    Won't the outcome be relativley similiar to the last two wars? I mean, we've been in a somewhat similiar situation twice, both times we've won.

    Not neccesarilly, there are major contrasts.

    Indeed. Both prior wars, though Inboxarr was techincally a part of the Western Rebellion, had very little to do with them. Now that Inboxarr is all out, who knows what might happen.

    If you remember, the west almost won last time, and thier supplies were rather rash compared to inboxarr's.


    In fact, Inboxarr has so little to do with the last two wars, the gatekeeper Noonie PuuBunny fought for SG at the time, with no critisizm from Inboxarr whatsoever.


    Do you believe the rumors that the current leader, Jezamaine Puubunny is simply being used as a puppet by someone?

    Though it would expain his rather blind decision, not enough evidence is out there for any concusions quite yet.

    Now, about your candidacy, the outcome of the election is out soon. How do you feel?



    Like anyone with a 97% approval rating. Confident.

    And now, how intolerant is Helmut Sparkz? We'll discuss his latest ramble after the break.

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