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braniac microwave explosion 1

rex99slash on 5. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

braniac microwave explosion 1
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    hold on for the braniac microwave series coming for you to strip generator.



    time for braniac sience abusem microwave series.

    today we are microwaving a burger .

    but whatevar you do do not let 2 sticks of dianamite enter the microwave.

    we do these experiments so you dont have to do not try this at home.

    or any where else for that matter.

    sparks are flying everywhere.

    woh what a fierce explosion well thats all we have time for i will see you next weeek for more microwave mayhem

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  • rex99slash 5.4.2011
  • VWP 5.4.2011
    haha I love brainiac ^^
    havent seen it in while do :/
    maybe if they would let cartman do the show I would watch it again xD

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