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The Other Side CDLXXI

Spigaw on 19. Sep, 2007 — Lang: English

The Other Side CDLXXI
  • Description

    2)Platowe: The strips... They're animated!

    The Other Side, Spigaw, Asha, Platowe
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  • dewfilms 25.9.2007
  • Platowe 20.9.2007
    This is a first--Platowe appears in TWO Bribed strips!! My life is finally fulfilled!!
  • flemgod 20.9.2007
    man I work in animation all day, I like the simple strip world...
  • Platowe 20.9.2007
    That's scary MadameC and Asha!
  • MadameCercle 19.9.2007
    >>>> Asha
    You think that ...
    — The future of the Stripgenerator is a Animatorgenerator ?
  • Spunkn 19.9.2007
    Cool! I can't wait for the next installment of the other side!
  • mrstew 19.9.2007
    Yes, petitions all around!
  • millefeuilles 19.9.2007
    Bonne idée!
  • DarkPg77 19.9.2007 features...
  • Yaza 19.9.2007
    it would be cool
  • Lull 19.9.2007
    that would be great! but why animated strips in the bribed commission?
    Tell us more, Spigaw!
  • ASHA 19.9.2007
    Wow how nice strips animad. The future of the Stripgenerator !

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