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A Tribute to Some, Sorry to the other 6867

Spunkn on 19. Sep, 2007 — Lang: English

A Tribute to Some, Sorry to the other 6867
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    Asha: I will stop pulling the ball away when you stop being such a block head!
    Platowe: Good grief!
    Spigaw: As long as I have my blanket I can keep making strips.
    Booth- Psychiatric Help 5c the doctor is in

    -I'm sorry to everyone who I didn't put on here, maybe I forgot you, maybe I just didn't know how to draw you, maybe still I've never heard of you or seen your strips. Even though you're not here you are still great.

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  • funny9664 1.11.2010
  • millefeuilles 21.9.2007
    I didn't see your work..thank you!
  • JacobDS 20.9.2007
  • atyka 20.9.2007
    It's only now I see Pingu (playing the piano). I love him!
  • Spigaw 20.9.2007
    Yay! It's a honour to be bribed with you!
  • Platowe 20.9.2007
    Whoo whoo! Bribed!!
  • MadameCercle 19.9.2007
    * * *
  • gerdbonk 19.9.2007
    Awesome! I was a Peanuts fanatic when I was a kid.

    I can hear the music in the last panel!
  • Yaza 19.9.2007
    ohh good thanx for the tribute :)
  • Spigaw 19.9.2007
    Excellent work, mister! Thank you so much for this tribute ^^
  • Lull 19.9.2007
    thanks Spunkn!
    and er careful Gerdbonk in a minute you'll walk into me! Get this bucket off your head!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!

    :) you're great all of you people!
  • ASHA 19.9.2007
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Spunkn thanks, very much merrily : ))))))))))))))))
  • 35sheep 19.9.2007
    That is some serious coolness! Thank's spunkn!
  • Platowe 19.9.2007
    Asha--will you hold the football so I can kick it?? This is brilliant and I'm honored!!
  • mrstew 19.9.2007
    Outstanding! Thanks for the placement in the dance routine! I love the PEANUTS, too!

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