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REAL French Rev Gr 9 Project PART 3

NecrophagousLove on 4. Apr, 2011 — Lang: No text

REAL French Rev Gr 9 Project PART 3
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    The real part 2 my French Rev comic strip. By Nick B. For Socials 9. The conclusion.



    The "Reign of Terror" was simple. When Danton and Robespierre co-ruled, Robespierre made obsurd taxes and laws to prove his power over the people, causing him to be corrupt. Thousands died at the hand of his laws. Robespierre even had Danton, his own co-ruler, executed to claim pure power as a dictator. His true colours have shown. He is just as much as a corrupt ruler as Louis XVI. He invented his own calender, introduced the metric system, the armies were more efficient and more schools and universities were built to educate people.

    I am the hand of God. All of those who defy me will die.

    The Fall of Robespierre

    That was it. Robespierre could not handle being a dictator anymore with so much power to handle. After a failed attempt at committing suicide, he was arrested and guillotined with his most trusted friends.

    His reign was over.

    His replacement? The Directory. Made up of middle class citizens. Most of the French citizens were given small amounts of power, but only to those who owned property. Unfortuanately, that still made them quite biasted to give special privilages to people with money since only these people could vote and elect people for government.

    Although peace was restored. And life as the French as we know it, always live happily.

    The End


    Comic created by Nicholas B
    Project for SS.9
    All rights go to their rightful owners.
    April 3, 2011.

    comic, french rev, nick b
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