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L'attaque des frites 26

Netrunner on 3. Apr, 2011 — Lang: Français

L'attaque des frites 26
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    Title : Attack of the chips 26

    « _ They try to break down the door.
    _ Quick, to the window.

    _ Come on, everybody here, faster.
    _ I don't want that my restaurant be responsible of your deaths.

    _ Netrunner, Mez, bring everybody by here. Or I'll make you fry.

    _ Oh no ! The deep-fryer !

    _ The chips using the deep-fryer to grown in number. We have to stop it or they will not content to take only the restaurant.

    _ Crap, you're right.

    _ But we need volunteers for this suicide mission.

    _ Those who still here will do. »

    This strip is a reply to L'attaque des frites 25



    Elles essaient d'enfoncer la porte.

    Vite, à la fenêtre !





    Allez, tout le monde par ici, dépéchez-vous !

    Je ne veux pas que mon restaurant soit responsable de votre mort.

    Netrunner, Mez, ramenez tout le monde par ici. Ou je vous fais frire.

    Oh non ! La friteuse !

    Les frites utilisent la friteuse pour se multiplier. On doit l'arrêter sinon elles ne se contenteront pas de prendre seulement le restaurant.

    Merde, t'as raison.

    Mais on a besoin de volontaires pour cette mission suicide.

    Tous ceux qui sont encore là devraient faire l'affaire !

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  • Neinire 4.4.2011
    Oh, I am clever:D run away int the crowd of chips, yep?:D
  • Brezhoneg 4.4.2011
  • Ninjo 4.4.2011
    Ouais j'ai survécu !
  • cackle 4.4.2011
    wonderful & fantastic strip i guess one of the volunteers seem Brezhoneg;))
  • cirkuz 4.4.2011
    dont you just love it when others volunteer for you
  • calm 4.4.2011
    YIKES...a suicide mission?! :-0
  • 35sheep 3.4.2011
    Dun dun duuuuun!
  • SnakeYukin 3.4.2011
    Do we really need that many people... can we just have one person with a bomb... that someone conveniently has.
  • Streetin 3.4.2011
    Hopefully they don't tun me into a chip! :D

    edited by owner

  • Drachir 3.4.2011
    On 6-6-66 I was little
    I didn't know shit
    and on 7-7-77 eleven yearslater
    still don't know any better
    by 8-8-88 it's way too late
    for me tochange
    and by 9-9-99 I hope
    I'm sittin' on the back porch
    drinkin' red
    wine singin'
    Ohhhhhh French Fries with Pepper!
    Ohhhhhh French Fries withhPepper!
  • BaalMoloch 3.4.2011
    Désignés volontaires ? Pas cool...
  • Similau 3.4.2011
    Dommage que je sois mort, j'aurais été utile pour leurs botter le cul!

    It sad that Im dead, I would usefull to kick their asses!

    edited by owner

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