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geometric form in triangle

VWP on 3. Apr, 2011 — Lang: No text

geometric form in triangle
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  • stihl 25.8.2012
  • gregheffleydude1 7.3.2012
    Awesome job!
  • Patrickfan9 22.1.2012
    Awesome job! Favs!
  • UncleByBlood 29.5.2011
    Love the repeating figure style!
  • cackle 4.4.2011
    reminded me geometry lessons!!!!;))
  • almpje 3.4.2011
  • cirkuz 3.4.2011
    just make your lines thinner
  • 35sheep 3.4.2011
    Great graphics!!!
  • SnakeYukin 3.4.2011
  • gangstasilver 3.4.2011
    this is so nice
  • Tproductions 3.4.2011
  • VWP 3.4.2011
    @varg part 2 how to
    then you do this until you reach a side wich already has a line and ther you draw it on to the line thats already there, do this 1 cm orso from its starting point then draw a line from that new point to the other side 1 cm orso of the place where the line there is that wil be your new starting do the same again and again until you reached a nice end ;) hope this tutorial is clear enough ;)

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  • VWP 3.4.2011
    @Varg thx :)
    I made others with the same technique just check my strips ;)
    and its easy to make but it requires alot of patience you make a form in this case a triangle then you make a line from out 1 of the corners and you draw it to the side next to your start points corner you have to be 1 cm or so of the corner, now you draw a line from your new created point to again 1 cm orso of the other side...

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  • Varg 3.4.2011
    Awesome shape! How did you make it? And the small preview always looks better... it´s quite depressing...
  • VWP 3.4.2011
    lol the smal previeuw in right looks better :D

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