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Three landscapes

Varg on 2. Apr, 2011 — Lang: No text

Three landscapes
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  • Netrunner 2.4.2011
    Three times magnificent
  • Streetin 2.4.2011
    First Panel: lots of bold textures which gives it a rigid, rocky look. A fine contrast with the sky which gives us a smooth look made possible by the blurring.

    Grade: A+

    Second Panel: This one has a very mystic and spectral feel to it, especially in the sky. The sky is just awesome, drawing a lot of attention towards it. Also, the smoothness of the hill gives it quite an elegent look, going quite well with the sky.

    Grade: A+

    Third Panel: There's a delightful creaminess of the sky, wielding more of a pastel assortment of coloration. Certainly wonderful, but it would have been a tad bit dull, which is why it was good to add your radiant, but gentle lens flare. I also really like the swampy, earthy theme, it went really well with the sky.

    Grade: A +
  • lolforce 2.4.2011
    you good and an amazing artist

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