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Final Decision

wich on 2. Apr, 2011 — Lang: English

Final Decision
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  • bluesockmonkey 15.7.2011
    you must never EVER leave!!
  • 35sheep 3.4.2011
    Dammit Marty - we'll miss you. Don't spend too much time on Facebook, though!!!
  • teeda92 3.4.2011
    It's all about moderation. You don't need to give up on Stripgenerator because you want more time to study - Stripgenerator can be like a hobby and if you manage your time well, then you can just go on every so often or for only an allotted time a day - you can leave plenty of time and room for studying and pursuing knowledge. We all need creative outlets.
  • tvjane 3.4.2011
    Sorry, what was your name again ?
  • Drachir 2.4.2011
    Miss you already.
    I'm not a facebookman so I won't see you there.
  • VWP 2.4.2011
    goodluck with your study ;)
    and dont cancel your account maybe you wil find
    some time to drop by at SG one day :)
  • wich 2.4.2011
    That's not joke and I can't cancel my acconut so I will be there, but few weeks i won't there !!
  • SnakeYukin 2.4.2011
    Indeed, as others have said. Many of us have been away for a while. There's no need to cancel your account just as your gonna be away.
  • calm 2.4.2011
    I don't like this I really don't want to LIKE thumb up it, but I will because I like you. Is this a late April Fools' Day joke? Listen to Netrunner!
  • cirkuz 2.4.2011
    yes save your account you might be sad if you want to stop and say hi to us best of luck in what you are searching for...
  • Brezhoneg 2.4.2011
    I agree with Netrunner
  • Netrunner 2.4.2011
    Well, that's not an obligation to cancel your SG count. During month I haven't make one strip and when I come back, I start where I was.
    But you do as you want.
  • cackle 2.4.2011
    Are you sure?You seem sad,also your friends sad:( why do you go!Stay here>nice to see your strips...
  • Tproductions 2.4.2011
    Do not stop! ;'(
  • benjamin895 2.4.2011
    best of luck buddy;)
  • DepresiveNeko 2.4.2011
    ako to hovoríte... dobrý holuby sa vracajú
    až ti začne šibať zo školy, priateľov a tak podobne, občas sem možno zablúdiš, hodíš očko, plus... ktovie
    (iba dúfam, že to nieje druhoapríloví vtip)
  • Brezhoneg 2.4.2011
    Don't do that, please !
  • firelordA2 2.4.2011
  • BaalMoloch 2.4.2011
    N.ooOOO ! );
  • Neinire 2.4.2011

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