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hansolo on 30. Mar, 2011 — Lang: Italiano

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    Roxy: Hi Ex, I'm at the concert of the Stones...
    Ex: But it's great, Roxy...
    Roxy: ... please can you send me a photo of you ?
    Ex: What a beautiful thought. And what do you need this photo for?
    Roxy: To make room between the people...

    Grazie Carmelo.



    Pronto, Ex, sono al concerto degli Stones...

    Ma è fantastico, Roxy...

    ...per favore puoi mandarmi un tua foto?

    Che pensiero carino. E a che ti serve?

    Per farmi spazio tra la gente..

    Ex, Roxy
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  • MadameCercle 12.5.2011
    Superbe planche.
  • hansolo 31.3.2011
    xcalm: i translate every strip in a very bad english...maye you can get something... (look the description)
  • calm 30.3.2011
    I hate to admit it, I don't get it...but I love the look of this strip.--fun wallpaper! :-)
  • Drachir 30.3.2011
    Better than Bieber! (sorry bad joke)
    Your joke is good
  • cackle 30.3.2011
  • 35sheep 30.3.2011
    I spy with my lil' eye, something beginning with 'B'

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