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vampire in the bottle

VWP on 12. Mar, 2011 — Lang: English

vampire in the bottle
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    its just a Idea I had when I watched van helsing I thought how would his home decoration look like xD



    whats that in the botle?

    how did you get the vampire in the bottle?

    its a vampire I captured

    I captured him when he turned into
    a bat and putted him in the bottle.

    then I shaked the bottle like crazy until the vampire took back his human form

    awesome :D

    vampire bottle helsing dark lol
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  • Maoriman 14.3.2011
  • Zoltar 12.3.2011
    VERY WELL DONE !!!! THUMB UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • calm 12.3.2011
    V V :-)
  • cirkuz 12.3.2011
    if i could put vampires in a bottle the first thing that i'd like to do...
  • MZZA 12.3.2011
    if crazy means obcessed by sex, raping dolphins and having a 23 years old girlfriend while he is 38, the yes, he is!

    p.s: vwp is not crazy, he's just in love with a vampire :3
  • Ninjo 12.3.2011
    You're crazy, but the best crazy guy is Zoltar !
  • MZZA 12.3.2011
    hahahahaha, nice one :P

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