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people are lemmings

VWP on 11. Mar, 2011 — Lang: English

people are lemmings
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    while I was driving I found myself in the situation presented in the strip. I wanted to go to the left so I drove behind the first car on road 2 and wondert why so many people are on road 1 since you can go left on road 2 aswel.The answer was simple : people are like lemmings :)






    lemmings cars people stupid
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  • Drachir 3.4.2011
    'Cause I long to be
    Able to see
    The things that you see
    Know that whenever you do
    I'll follow you
    Take me wherever you go
    I wanna learn
    The things that you know
    Now that you made me believe
    (I want you to take me)
    I want you to take me
  • cirkuz 11.3.2011
    its good to put common sense into gear along with your car

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