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The ancient tree

Veronique on 9. Mar, 2011 — Lang: No text

The  ancient tree
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  • abrotons 24.5.2012
  • Varg 31.3.2011
    Very cool! Surrealistic!
  • VWP 27.3.2011
    very wel done :)

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  • abrotons 19.3.2011
  • Drachir 18.3.2011
    Eve and Adam
    Now she's got the key, the knowledge is near
    Eve and Adam
    By the ancient tree

    I am a woman, aware of the power I have
    I've got myself to give, myself I can take back
    Silently I rule them, playing with their feelings
    It's easy to fool them; both don't know who pulls the strings
  • guzman6001 12.3.2011
    Super genial :P (como siempre)
  • Yosarian 11.3.2011
  • calm 11.3.2011
    really wonderful art! :-)
  • haicaibrasileiro 10.3.2011
  • Netrunner 10.3.2011
    Magnificent, as usual
  • benjamin895 10.3.2011
    the bird in the background is amazing!! great work veronique:)
  • screenman 10.3.2011
    I'm looking it, again and again, and amazing !
  • Maoriman 10.3.2011
  • screenman 10.3.2011
    very good...well done !
  • 35sheep 10.3.2011
  • nkim1 10.3.2011
    beautiful :)
  • JRMarklin 10.3.2011
    The tree of good and evil ...
    El árbol del bien y del mal...
  • cirkuz 9.3.2011
    excellent how you made the background a birds head...
  • cackle 9.3.2011
    Wow this is amazingly great quickly now faved!;)
  • rukowski 9.3.2011
    really cool

    They're justified and they're ancient
    And they like to roam the land
    They're justified and they're ancient
    I hope you understand
    They don't want to upset the apple cart
    And they don't want to cause any harm
    But if you don't like what they're going to do
    You better not stop them cause they're coming through

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