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Romeo Apothecary Scene

baconlvr514 on 7. Mar, 2011 — Lang: English

Romeo Apothecary Scene
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    Why is Balthasar coming this way!?Maybe he brings news from Verona!

    Romeo!!! It's Juliet! She is gone, dead, and laid in a tomb today! Im soo sorry!

    NOO!! Why! How!

    I am sorry Romeo. I saw the funeral this morn!

    Why does my one true love have to leave!!!!

    Yes right down the street!

    Thank you Balthasar for this news. Do you know if there is an apothecary?

    Thank you!

    Are You the apothecary?


    Do you have any poison?

    Yes but it is illegal in Mantua

    Here! Drink this and you shall die a painless death!

    Thank you!

    Now, Juliet. I vow to you that I shall die tonight, and be with you forever!

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