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Dander page 3

kiajam on 5. Mar, 2011 — Lang: English

Dander page 3
  • Description

    About a man who's life changes.



    On this very average day...

    all of a sudden...

    Dander gets an email on his Coolbook
    profile from a Miss S.


    oohh he's cute!

    I'm going to send him a message!

    "From thereupon
    do I this body bring.
    To tell you who I am
    were speech in vain,
    Because my name as yet
    makes no great noise."

    Miss S.

    It reads...

    Taken aback, Dander is unsure of what to do next...


    Well, she looks cute from her Coolbook pics, and I dig her profile, but I don't know...I this for real?

    Should I write her back?

    She sounds like a harlot...
    leave her be!

    He hears a voice

    WHAT! Don't listen to a fukcing zombie..
    write her back!

    And another...

    Dude, really?
    A fukcing zombie even.


    I think I'll write her back. I mean...whatever right?

    So he writes...

    Dear Miss S.,
    Whats going on? Thanks for the friend request. It's not often that I consider adding strangers to my Coolbook, since mine is more personal rather than professional, but you really impressed me. Natural beauty and a gorgeous smile. Plus you are into computers and photography. And I'm going to assume, maybe even a free thinker. OMG! This is a set-up right? LOL. I look forward to getting to know you. I'll chat with you soon.

    Cool Dander

    N I C E!


    I call it as
    I see it man.
    Stop cockblocking.

    you're gonna get AIDS.

    kiajam, action, ninja, awesome
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