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A la recherche d'un boulot

Netrunner on 2. Mar, 2011 — Lang: Français

A la recherche d'un boulot
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    Title : Searching for a job

    « _ I made more than 150 curriculum vitae.
    _ I would made 200 of it but the printer turn down.

    _ I distribute it during 3 hours this afternoon. I've already done it yesterday and I'll do it again tomorrow. And every day nest if it necessary.

    _ Ah ? You're back ?
    _ Y... yes...

    _ You look tired.
    _ For the first time that a lazy unemployed make an effort, look in what condition it put him. »





    J'ai fait plus de 150 CV

    Je voulais en faire 200 mais l'imprimante n'a pas tenu le coup.

    Je les ai distribué pendant 3 heures cet après-midi. J'ai fait pareil hier et je recommencerai demain. Et autant de fois qu'il faudra.

    Ah ? Tu es rentré ?

    Ou... oui...

    Tu as l'air fatigué.

    Pour une fois qu'un feignant de chômeur fait un effort, regardez dans quel état ça le met.

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  • PC 18.12.2011
  • Fizzle 6.6.2011
  • Ninjo 7.3.2011
    Tue le !!!
  • Zoltar 4.3.2011
    ALWAYS be self employed !!! Thumb UP! :)
  • Spunkn 3.3.2011
    The job market is much better where I am, but good luck to you!
  • Netrunner 3.3.2011
    @mezmezmez : I really doubt of it :/
  • Brezhoneg 3.3.2011
    Kill !!!
  • cackle 2.3.2011
    in Life and a reality!Running with CV for Finding,searching also working>yeah so long period many people pass difficult,less people pass easily and other people cant pass in this way!By the way this is so good & funny more thumbsss up!;)
  • MadameCercle 2.3.2011
    Courage, courage ...
  • calm 2.3.2011
    Searching for a job is so stressful! Thank goodness you can relax a bit on SG and keep us up to date on your adventures. Good luck to you! :-)
  • SnakeYukin 2.3.2011
    Ah yes... I'm in the boat of trying to find a job as well.
  • 35sheep 2.3.2011
    Good luck out there!
  • cirkuz 2.3.2011
    you will get a job soon

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