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Psycho Pilgrim - 4. Likes and dislikes

Lilit on 12. Sep, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

Psycho Pilgrim - 4. Likes and dislikes
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    L - ...then I'm frightened about the 200 millions people that own a gun, then about the national health service, then...
    D - Ok, please, please stop it. Now tell me something you LOVE, about the United States.
    L - Well... ok, I'll try. Let's see.. coca-cola, Mickey Mouse, the Ramones, all the "Back to the future" movies, David Arqette, the White Stripes, Steve Martin, TV show "Friends", Stephen King, Benjamin Franklin, Woody Allen's movies, "2001: a space odyssey", Wll Smith...
    L - You know? You were right, I actually feel better!
    D - (thinking) Mental note: do the same thing on the plane, at the first sign of a downfall

    E non ho citato Star Trek e Ai confini della realtà (le serie classiche) perchè non c'era abbastanza spazio...
    And I didn't mention Star Trek and Twilight Zone (the classic series), because there was not enough room... :-D

    Psycho Pilgrim
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  • DarkPg77 13.9.2007
    tutti e tre i ritoeno al futuro, yeah!
  • Lilit 13.9.2007
    ahahahahahahah! always wanted to be a part of star trek! :-D
  • Platowe 13.9.2007
    Captain Kirk: Scotty! (grabbing Commander Scott's shoulder's)--you've got to beam up Lilit!!

    Dr. McCoy: Jim! (grabbing Captian Kirk's shoulders)--if you don't give Lilit an injection she'll DIE!!

    Spock: Helping Lilit with transportation is--logical!

    Chekov: Kepten--the shields around Lilit weel not take anudder plasma heet!
  • Spigaw 12.9.2007
    Hehe! Good idea :=)
  • Yaza 12.9.2007

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