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Election Time in Wabbitland 2

modernburrow on 2. Mar, 2011 — Lang: English

Election Time in Wabbitland 2
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    Redistricting or gerrymandering? Who knows...



    Unfair! Redistricting is unfair for us, the Opposition! Changes the electorate in favour of the Wabbit Movement Party.

    Opposition Party Member - Carrot Party

    It shouldn't matter how the lines move if the general sentiment of the Electorate is for you, right?

    Unfair! They are cheating. They move the places we've been working on to another constituency.

    But the people still live there right. You just have to contest the new constituency.

    Unfair! Now we have to reach out to the new people in the new constituency.

    But in some of the new constituencies your party has gauged that 50% or more of the residents will vote for you, right? And these all have WMP incumbents, and you've never worked on them. So maybe this specific new constituency will also vote for you.

    Unfair! This new constituency are all pro-WMP one.

    But your party chairman seemd very optimisitic about winning 50% of the vote at every walkabout

    Unfair! This one different. All the WMP supporters live here.


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