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Election Time in Wabbitland 1

modernburrow on 28. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

Election Time in Wabbitland 1
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    It seems its election time in Wabbitland, and poor little wabbit is trying to figure out who to vote for.



    Wah. This Pre-Election Budget got gib money, got promises of all sorts. Sounds good.

    Don't be stupid lah. It's your money. You pay taxes mah.

    Secretary-General of United Democratic Socialist Alliance (Opposition Party)

    Oh? I thought taxes are part of my duty as a citizen. My contribution to common goods like defence and so on.

    Plus, I thought they are sharing the surplus mah. Since the investments did quite well.

    Don't be stupid. If we come to power, you won't need to pay taxes. And we'll give you subsidies. Lots of it.

    Erm. Like that if you don't collect money, and you gib me money... Where the money going to come from? Money tree?!

    Don't be stupid, We use the Reserves lah. Got so much money. Use lor.

    But won't we run out of Reserve money eventually? It's like a savings account what. If keep taking out, never put in, then in the end no money le.

    Don't be Stupid. We will raise money by taxing the rich lor.

    Thought you just said no need to pay taxes. And won't that scare all the rich people away?

    Don't be Stupid and believe all the Wabbit Movement Party Propaganda.

    Erm. That doesn't answer my question.

    Don't be Stupid. Vote for us and not pay anything. We have a better economic plan.

    Think I won't vote for you.

    You are Stupid. You gahmen loving stooge. Only smart people support us in the Opposition. So you must be stupid.

    Say... Didn't you use to be a Central Committe Member of the Allied Socialist Democratic Union?

    They were Stupid for not making me the Secretary-General. Only people who agree with me are not stupid.


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