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Lense flare tutorial - Part 2

35sheep on 25. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

Lense flare tutorial - Part 2
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    This is supposed to be a intermediate/advanced tutorial. It shows how I make the lense flares, and a little lighting – there are probably many other ways of doing it.

    I'm not writing the amount of opacity and blur - What looks good is highly individual. Trial and error is the way to go ...

    If you dont know how to mask to make coloured objects, then click the tag 'Tutorial' and look through the strips that pop up. There are some exellent ones on masking out there.

    Edit: OH! And for those of you who are wondering, how I make the colours: I use items from the christmas and the football theme pack.

    Have fun!

    This strip is a reply to Sunset, Lense flare tutorial - Part 1, My version of nathanto's Orbit



    These are the shapes used from the bottom up:

    A black rectangle for the background. Two big white circles, a big blue circle and a big black circle (For the planet). Three white rhombs for the "star". A big red hexagon and a big yellow hexagon and a smaller yellow hexagon on top. A white semi circle for the sun behind the planet. Four thin rings made by masking a white circle with a slightly smaller circle. They have to be REALLY thin. Vary their opacity and blur for a cooler effect. Now choose the axis for the lense flares (use a help line, if you need it) and place three white circles on it, two of them slightly overlapping. And finally three coloured circles (I used green, but other colurs will probably work as well. I know that pink does.)

    How much opacity and blur you use on each element is entirely up to you.

    This is where art comes in ...

    Lense flare tutorial - part 2

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