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Lense flare tutorial - Part 1

35sheep on 25. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

Lense flare tutorial - Part 1
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    This is supposed to be a beginners/intermediate tutorial. It shows how I make the lense flares – there are probably many other ways of doing it. I was taught this technique by NooniePuuBunny in a tutorial of hers some time ago! ( Thanks Noonie!

    FRAME 1: Start by making a background, for example by using the technique Varg showed us in her tutorial yesterday: Group the background so it acts as one object.

    Make a foreground as well. I usually makes it all black. Group the foreground.

    FRAME 2: Now place the sun behind foreground and background. Play with blur and opacity (lighting is ALL about blur and opacity!!!). In this pic I used a white circle on top of a red circle. Keep them circular by holding down SHIFT when resizing.

    FRAME 3: Now make the flare, by taking a star-shape from ‘shapes’, turn it white and distort it. Place it with the center over the sun. Now take a series of hexagons from ‘shapes’. Turn them white, and make sure you don’t distort them. I sometimes use a helpline (here it is blue) to line them up. Note that they get smaller the further away from the sun they are, and some of them should overlap a little. It looks better!

    FRAME 4: Remove the help line, and add the ‘trimmings’ – in this case some birds.

    In this picture: I used different values, but the technique is basically the same. Don't be afraid to play with it ...


    This strip is a reply to Sunset



    Read the description below this strip!

    OP: 44
    Blur: 17

    OP: 100
    Blur: 1

    OP: 60
    Blur: 3

    OP: 20
    Blur: 1

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