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Psycho Pilgrim - 2. Italian way

Lilit on 11. Sep, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

Psycho Pilgrim - 2. Italian way
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    L - Hello, British Airways? An information please: the lenght of hand baggage is 56 centimeters, right? But 56 precise? I mean, what if is 58 or 59?
    BA - (man speaking italian with british accent): Lady, if the dimension is 56 cm, is 56 cm, I cannot understand your question.
    L - But, I mean... nothing happens if the baggage is a little bigger, right? I mean, come on, is three centimeters...
    BA - (The man fumes, evidently annoyed about talking with another italian who's trying some way to break the rules)
    L - What a rude! Tomorrow I'll call the British and I'll complain about the excessive fervor of the people on call center!

    Psycho Pilgrim
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