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Self-Doubting Monkeys

jonfwilkins on 22. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

Self-Doubting Monkeys
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    Self-Doubting Monkeys

    Hey Genie, I read about some research showing that some monkeys are aware of their own thinking.


    Metacognition was once thought to be a uniquely human ability, but apparently macaques will indicate when they don't know an answer.

    In contrast, Capuchin monkeys seem unaware of their own ignorance. This suggests that this form of self awareness arose in the common ancestor of Old World monkeys and apes.

    Well, I don't know that we can make the parsimony assumption here, that the trait arose once and was never lost.

    Why not?

    Too many counter examples.

    Such as?

    Bill "No-One-Knows-What-Causes-the-Tides" O'Reilly . . .

    Point taken.

    George "WMD-in-Iraq" Bush, Sarah "Everything-out-of-my-Mouth" Palin . . .

    science, evolution, cognition
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  • cirkuz 22.2.2011
    the funny thing about monkeys is that we can study monkeys...
  • Maoriman 22.2.2011
    hehehehe I didn't know that George or Sarah had evolved past single cell living organisms...
  • rukowski 22.2.2011
    brilliant thumb up and faved

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