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Madagascar-French Project

icarlii101 on 21. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

Madagascar-French Project
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    In 1890, Madagascar was controlled by French collonies. By the late 1940's, however, the Malagasy had started to demand independence. And uprising occured in 1947, but there were nearly 80,000 deaths reported; all of them Malagasy.

    When these deaths became public, the French government was forced to help Madagascar towards independance. In 1975, the first constitution was adopted.

    Hey, Devon. What's that a book about?

    It's an intriguing tale about how the Malaganese people were forced from comfort and into a brutal war. Many people were killed, but when fighting subsided, Madagascar was rescued from unfair domination.

    English please?

    Étais-je parler français, Katalina?

    Madagascar, French, war, France, domination, constitution, freedom
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