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benlouis on 19. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

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    This is about the revolution in Tunisia and a boy name Khalfan who died in the course.



    Oooh no; school is closed

    hahah no more homework!

    we want freedom

    Go away dictator!

    Ben Ali game over!

    Dont go out son, you might get killed

    I heard your cries... curfew from 6 pm to 8 am

    Im gonna join them



    Go; we hate you!!!

    The poor boy is dead!

    Oh my boy is dead!

    He is disobedient; i told him not to go out!!!

    Now Ben Ali is gone and there is peace; huray!

    my bet friend is dead...(crying)

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    Everything is closed and Khalfan's school close!

    As the day passed; the anger of the people rose!

    President gives his speech.

    The town was silent and not even the sounds of the birds could be heard!

    This time it was completely devastating even khalfan was part of the protest!

    Khalfan appears on the late news that he is dead and his parents are ery sad!

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    Ben Ali and his government plan to leave the country and leave power to millitary

    Finally everything was calm in the city.

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