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Veronique on 16. Feb, 2011 — Lang: No text

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  • stihl 17.1.2013
    nice :)
  • gregheffleydude1 21.5.2012
    Nice work.
  • abrotons 20.5.2012
    no lo sé todavía
  • abrotons 27.3.2011
    angel caído?
    expulsado del paraíso?
    condenado a vagar?
  • calm 19.2.2011
    feeling vast amounts of sorrow ~ what a beautiful strip!
  • 35sheep 19.2.2011
    AAAAAWSOME!!!! Grats V!
  • Brezhoneg 19.2.2011
    Great !
  • Aaron163 18.2.2011
    WOW how in the name of god do you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)
  • judge 18.2.2011
  • Flash 18.2.2011
    Grats on bribed!
  • screenman 18.2.2011
    once again congratz !
  • hansh732 18.2.2011
  • Ambrosius77 18.2.2011
    I am so glad that my personal favorite strip from yesterday was bribed! COngratulations Veronique!
  • Maoriman 18.2.2011
    Fantastic Veronique
    Great bribed indeed...
  • benjamin895 18.2.2011
    love this...gratz!
  • kburke 18.2.2011
    that is soo sad! and really pretty at the same time!
  • BridgetMewMew 18.2.2011
    Wow, that's freaking awesome!lol.
  • ryoko 17.2.2011
  • Drachir 17.2.2011
    Somewhere the dogs are barking and the children seem to know
    That Jesus on the highway was a lost hobo
    And they hear the holy silence of the temples in the hill
    And they see the ragged tatters as another kind of frill
    And they envy him the sunshine and they pity him the chill
    And they're sad to do their living for some other kind of thrill
    Smash your bottle on the gravestone and live while you can
    That homeless brother is my friend.
  • Veronique 17.2.2011
    @Mez: Thank's¡
    @Zoltar: bailamos?

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