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Hopeless Heart

Stiltsen on 14. Feb, 2011 — Lang: No text

Hopeless Heart
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  • thecomedyhen 14.2.2013
  • syke 25.5.2012
  • SetChris 13.5.2012
    Sad story!
  • MissFrankenstein 21.1.2012
    Ow... so sad. But I like it!
  • PC 10.12.2011
  • NathanTo 22.8.2011
    Poor heart.........
  • gregheffleydude1 22.8.2011
  • Seteemio 19.7.2011
    This one is very interresting...
  • Fizzle 10.7.2011
    Poor heart.
  • cackle 19.2.2011
    oh so sad thumbs upp!
  • dawg123 15.2.2011
    Awww thats deep meaning right there you get a broken heart and you cant fix it or dont want to show it anybody that might be able to fix it so you put it away and lock it up so you no longer have to worry about love but eventually the heart will heal itself in its time even time cant tell when but when its back to beating then you know to unlock it and go out again and hopefully it wont break again
  • SnakeYukin 15.2.2011
    Poor heart.
  • nkim1 15.2.2011
    sad/deep :'(...faved
  • ryoko 15.2.2011
    I has a tear
  • calm 14.2.2011
    WOW--4 simple frames to bring such emotion! So very sad! ~Hate seeing the cobwebs---his broken heart's been their a while. :-(
  • cirkuz 14.2.2011
    good strip
  • Netrunner 14.2.2011
    Sad and poetic.
  • bluesockmonkey 14.2.2011
  • BaalMoloch 14.2.2011
    very sad
  • Zoltar 14.2.2011

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