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Gotham at nigth

haicaibrasileiro on 10. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

Gotham at nigth
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  • Drachir 12.2.2011
    I'm lookin over the skyline of the city
    How loud, quiet nights in the mist of crime
    How next door to happiness lives sorrow
    And signals of solution in the sky

    A city of justice, a city of love
    A city of peace, for everyone of us
    We all need it, can't live without it
    Gotham City, oh, yeah
  • Maoriman 11.2.2011
  • haicaibrasileiro 11.2.2011
    Thanks, Ambrosius - I've imagine a Gotham City where Batman it's a laughin' crazy or squizofrenic and the Joker it's a small, confused, ironic and silencious bandit who the Bat judges and chases like a genius of crime...
  • Ambrosius77 11.2.2011
    I always wanted mixing Batmad n and Joker. I have no success. Great idea!
  • benjamin895 11.2.2011
    nice work mate:)
  • 35sheep 11.2.2011
  • guzman6001 11.2.2011
  • cirkuz 11.2.2011
    good idea for the background buildings
  • Veronique 10.2.2011
    @haica.. no problem¡ ; )
    a tus órdenes ^-^
  • haicaibrasileiro 10.2.2011
    But I need to confess - I was try some yours tricks, Veronique. Thank you for the support!...
  • Veronique 10.2.2011
    sin palabras¡

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